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December 17, 2007

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"The New Atheists," Ronald Aronson's cover story for the
June 25 issue, drew so much mail, of such variety, we have onl


"She is our elder and our sister and our daughter. We celebrate her as we celebrate the moon: our guide through the dark, dark night."

Homeowners in gated communities now facing foreclosure are learning there's no fence high enough to keep out the repo man.

The subprime crisis was not just caused by lending run amok, but by
unrestrained trading that made a precarious situation even worse.

Kevin Rudd's victory in Australia, Hillary's planted questions and remembering Alfred Knobler.

As megabanks seek a subprime bailout, take a lesson from Mexico. Taxpayers of the world, hold on to your wallets.

A lame-duck President's halfhearted diplomacy yields much hypocrisy and few results. But at least the leaders will keep talking.

Don't believe the GOP triumphalists: the decline in violence in Iraq does not mean the surge is working.



Despite new evidence on Iran's nuclear ambitions, President Bush is sticking to his story--an inflated threat assessment some leading Democrats persist in believing.

If you're looking for a sure bet in the new growth market, sell solar and buy surveillance. Forget wind, buy weapons.

Looking askance at a practice widely supposed to be a pretty good idea.


There is an alternative to unhealthy eating and irresponsible development schemes.

Pushing past TV's divisive debate format, a unusual forum in Iowa Saturday pushed Democratic candidates to really explain where they stand on pollution, immigration and predatory lending.

Putting blogs, cellphones and text messages to work, Pakistani students around the world are rallying against Musharraf's martial law.

Have Democrats already blown the biggest swing state?

The absence of a definitive antiwar candidate has divided the state's peace activists.

For war opponents, the election year is a moment of great opportunity--and peril. The challenge is to leverage antiwar sentiment into a victory for peace.

Books & the Arts

John Ashbery has given us the ideal poetry for the Information Age.

A recent collection of essays brings George Orwell into the new millennium.

Susie Linfield | The photographers who documented the Spanish Civil War captured the heart of battle in ways that now seem iconic but were then radically new.

3rd Party Article

The big copyright owners have found yet another way to threaten students' access to education.

There's been a national wave of violence by whites against blacks since the Jena 6 march.