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December 1, 2008

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Hoary Myth Laid to Rest

Great Falls, Va.


Barack Obama's electoral victory is momentous but ethereal. Progress is eroded when not pushed forward--and there is still much yet to be done.

To avoid the mistakes of the past, there are two basic criteria: First, no Wall Streeters; second, no one who helped create the current crisis.

Studs Terkel's longtime publisher looks back on the historian's remarkable career.

Will Obama make good on his promise to end the war in Iraq?

Obama has an opportunity to further racial and economic justice by fusing the New Deal and civil rights traditions.

Third-party gains, good times for Wal-Mart, the Minnesota recount and what's next for Howard Dean.

If Democrats can succeed in improving people's lives, the electorate won't care whether the Obama administration governs from left, right or center.



Reject the old-boy network whose sexism, stupidity and greed helped drive our current financial crisis. How about Sheila Bair for Treasury Secretary?


The bailout should be used to expand unemployment compensation instead of propping up a single, failing corporation.


A little under $300 billion of the $700 billion bailout has been invested, loaned out or lost. And as long as Henry Paulson's in charge, we won't know where it went.

Every sweetheart deal the Bush administration makes threatens to hobble Obama's ability to deliver on his promise of change.

A mighty train of change is coming to Washington: will the insider establishment hop aboard?

As our spanking-new era of optimism dawns, ask yourself, How integrated is your neighborhood?


Latinos backed Obama by a 2-to-1 margin on election day and could be the biggest force behind a longterm, center-left political realignment.

Given a severe global economic crisis and the election of Barack Obama, the possibility of a serious discussion about a US exit strategy from the Afghan disaster hovers on the horizon.

Barack Obama may be able to seize the moment and push a new kind of
politics, but not unless he is pushed to do so. So here's a young voter's post-election guide, from the grassroots to the Hill.

Six Guards may be charged in Iraq massacre, but critics fear the company's 'reckless behavior' will continue.

The untold story of US-perpetrated atrocities in Vietnam and how the press killed it.

The story of the plumber who helped deliver Indiana to Obama.

Obama's "Southern strategy" pays off.

A grassroots push for reform can make Obama a great president.

In Operation Speedy Express, new evidence of civilian slaughter and cover-up in Vietnam.

Books & the Arts

What is it about Slovene poetry that has attracted so many American poets?


Two new books by African writers share many flaws with their Western predecessors.


What we talk about when we talk about art.


Elias Khoury and the literature of witness.

3rd Party Article

Matt Singer and Jefferson Smith Our generation can move beyond old battles of single-issue silos and narrow constituency interests into broader rainbow coalitions of new progressives.