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April 24, 2006

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Harpswell, Me.


Progressives should join forces with immigrant advocates to create a broad social movement placing the rights of immigrants at the heart of a struggle for economic justice.

Instead of parroting the Republicans' "tough" approach to national security, Democratic candidates should distinguish themselves from the Bush Administration by, for starters, setting a date for withdrawal from Iraq.

To repair the damage Tom DeLay left in his wake, the November elections must be a referendum on the political machine he created, which continues to drive this Congress.

The recent furor over a scholarly article suggesting that the "Israel lobby" drives US Mideast policy presents an opportunity for vigorous open debate on a volatile subject.



The former Secretary of State says he and his department's top experts never believed that Iraq posed an imminent nuclear threat, but this made little difference to President Bush.


Time-honored traditions of Christianity are being challenged by
scientists and scholars questioning the motives of Jesus, Judas and the
power of prayer.

The war is coming home, in the form of people dreadfully wounded in body and spirit. Yet Democratic candidates aren't too worried about their hawkish stance, because the peace movement has no fire in its belly.


A political nightmare, with a scriptural spin, tells the true story of two nefarious lords and their faithful servant.

Dan Wakefield talks about his new book, The Hijacking of Jesus,
and his optimism about the growing power of the religious left.

It can now be revealed that Justice Antonin Scalia has compiled his own
secret list of Sicilian hand gestures expressing subtle jurisprudential

Where are the progressive religious leaders who can fill the shoes of William Sloane Coffin?

Muqtada al-Sadr's Mahdi Army now confronts both the US Army and the Sunni insurgents.

Performance artist Karen Finley answers questions about politics,
satire and her new book, a fantasy affair between George W. Bush and
Martha Stewart.

The secular left consistently disarms itself of what could be its most powerful weapon against the religious right: a spiritual vision of the world.

Progressive religious leaders should be sensitive to the danger that unexamined God-based public policy presents, whether it comes from the right or the left.

Young rebels in France are fighting not for change but for the same rights their parents tried to secure during the 1968 student revolution.

Books & the Arts


Reviews of Iron Island, Inside Man and Sisters in Law.


In Sound and Fury, sportswriter Dave Kindred examines the intersecting lives of Muhammad Ali and Howard Cosell.


In America at the Crossroads, Francis Fukuyama critiques the neoconservative movement and its disastrous defense of the Iraq War. But he remains fully committed to the unchecked use of American power.