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Bryan Farrell

Bryan Farrell is recent graduate of Penn State University and a 2006 Nation intern.

  • EnvironmentMay 10, 2006

    FEMA Braces for Another Storm

    With hurricane season approaching and another Bush crony at the helm of FEMA, a few restive lawmakers are seeking real reform for the storm-tossed agency. Whether they will succeed is another story.

    Bryan Farrell

  • Books and IdeasApril 7, 2006

    The World According to Karen Finley

    Performance artist Karen Finley answers questions about politics, satire and her new book, a fantasy affair between George W. Bush and Martha Stewart.

    Bryan Farrell

  • Climate ChangeMarch 27, 2006

    Science Fact or Science Fiction?

    Climate change is real, and its impact is potentially devastating to our way of life. So why do the news media have such a hard time telling the straight story?

    Bryan Farrell

  • Climate ChangeFebruary 14, 2006

    Political Science

    NASA climatologist James E. Hansen won’t let political pressure from the Bush Administration blunt the urgency of his research on global warming: It’s not too late to mitigate the damage.

    Bryan Farrell

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