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Tariq Ali is an editor at New Left Review. His latest book is The Duel: Pakistan on the Flightpath of American Power (Scribner).


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Do not underestimate capitalism's ability to adapt and survive—at the expense of the majority it exploits.

Given a severe global economic crisis and the election of Barack Obama, the possibility of a serious discussion about a US exit strategy from the Afghan disaster hovers on the horizon.

A multidimensional charade is taking place in Pakistan, and it is not an edifying sight.

Amartya Sen's latest collection of essays explores the rich flow of
various peoples in and out of India and how they shaped the politics
and spirituality of the nation today.

The Pakistan earthquake has left 3.3 million people homeless--far more
than the tsunami. But suffering Pakistanis are either being preyed upon
by Islamist groups or ignored by the uniformed establishment--with no
sign of recovery.

The world of letters lost one of its most eloquent voices on January 24, when the Saudi novelist Abdelrahman Munif died in his Damascus exile after a protracted illness.

Click here to read Iran's New Strong Man by Andrew Roth from the September 5, 1953 issue of The Nation.

While the US looks upon Pakistan for help in its new 'war on terror,' lessons from the past teach us that the alliance can have sinister repercussions.

Pakistan today is a complete mess, a sad example of what can happen when a once-favored "frontline state" is reduced to the status of a cold war orphan.

For the third time in Pakistan's traumatic history, the army has seized power--this time, apparently, against the advice of the United States. The country is under martial law.