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Roberto Lovato

Roberto Lovato, a frequent Nation contributor, is a New York-based writer with New America Media.


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Roberto Lovato interviews intellectual heavyweight Luis García Britto about the role of the media in the current conflict in Venezuela. 

Far from a slam dunk for immigrants, the Supreme Court ruling allows Juan Crow to stand as the law of the land.

The victory over Lou Dobbs demonstrates that the immigrant community is mobilized like never before.

Shaking off the legacy of dictatorship, the people elect the FMLN's Mauricio Funes.

Mauricio Funes, president-elect of El Salvador, talks of the meaning of his recent victory, aspirations for his administration and the inspiration provided by the late Archbishop Oscar Arnulfo Romero.

Immigrant Latinos live under a matrix of oppressive laws, customs and institutions.

Latino voters will go to the polls in 2008 with a hemispheric vision, a new sense of power and concerned about Iraq, immigration and the environment.

Immigration reform may have crashed in Washington, but a very different
discussion of the same issues continues below the border.

Battles between the city's black and Latino gangs are the outcome of a dismal racial and economic situation.

Latino voters walked away from the GOP in the midterm elections, a
payback for the party's ruthlessly anti-immigrant stance.