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Richard Kreitner edits The Nation's archives blog, "Back Issues." Curious how we covered something? We’re on it: rkreitner@thenation.com. Twitter: @richardkreitner.


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The African American Civil War Memorial & Museum will honor black soldiers who were not welcome at the original Grand Review celebration.

In Eric Foner’s Gateway to Freedom, the Underground Railroad is a network of dignity and defiance.

We know today the Founders were not Fathers to be proud of.

It’s time to start enforcing Section 2 of the Fourteenth Amendment.

Insurrections of the Mind thinks insurrections ought to happen only in the mind.

Waiting for snow in Havana… Rough Rider… Kreitner replies… lowlifes prowl the Net… pri$on$ for profit…

Watergate itself is “smoking gun” proof of that old axiom about the corruption of power.

Artists have become the shock troops of gentrification, even at the Chelsea Hotel.

Nick Turse’s Kill Anything That Moves: The Real American War in Vietnam.


“Politically, the Africans are becoming more conscious of their own rights and wrongs. They are not wholly ignorant of the fact that...
"It may well be that she has made a real contribution to our salvation."
"The greatest of all questions for the American people is, whether amongst all the troubles and changes of this and coming ages the...
"The ferry companies noted a great falling off in receipts."
“A study of the floor plans of the building, and a journey through it, disclose at once the cheering fact that much thought and care...
"We know we are beautiful. And ugly too."
“Boy, what you got to smile about? You in jail, you know.” “Sheriff,” he answered, “you just wouldn’t...