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Mouin Rabbani

Mouin Rabbani, an independent Middle East analyst based in Amman, Jordan, is a contributing editor to Middle East Report and a senior fellow with the Institute of Palestine Studies. He was previously senior Middle East analyst and special adviser on Israel-Palestine with the International Crisis Group.


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The agreement to end the schism between the two Palestinian factions reflects the profound political changes underway in the Middle East.

Will Palestinians be compelled to live by Ariel Sharon's repressive vision or will they compel Israel to accept genuine self-determination for the
Palestinian people?

The shockingly awful Anglo-American invasion of Iraq means that Jordan
is now literally situated between two wars: To the west, the
increasingly bloody Israeli-Palestinian confrontation is now

The Palestinian uprising in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which in late September 2000 began as a wave of popular protest against Ariel Sharon's belligerent incursion into Jerusalem's sacred Haram