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Max Fraser

Max Fraser lives in New Haven, Connecticut.


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Civil disobedience says, in effect, that the law is not sacred when a better world is at stake.

His single-minded pursuit of growth alienated allies. Did it produce the gains he promised?

We shouldn't pass up a chance to enlist the auto industry in a green transition.

As financial leaders assemble in London, the international labor movement offers a vision for a new global economy.

Without a commitment to affordable housing for all, the ownership society remains a myth for many Americans.

He should stiffen his meager bailout plan and call for a moratorium on foreclosures and serious government intervention.

The devastating impact of the mortgage crisis on black communities dominated Jesse Jackson's latest economic summit. What solutions does Barack Obama propose?

Partisan appointments to Bush's National Labor Relations Board have ensured it's virtually impossible for workers to get a fair shake.

To save the domestic auto industry, the UAW may end up killing itself.


The UAW's national strike against General Motors came to a quick end at 4 a.m. today, with the announcement that a tentative agreement had...
So the daylong, globe-spanning Live Earth spectacular is in its final moments; the last chords of the almost implausibly star-studded...
Well, Thaddeus and I have arrived at Giants Stadium, the main event is rapidly approaching, and, from the looks of the parking lot, not too...