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Maria Margaronis

Maria Margaronis

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Maria Margaronis writes from The Nation's London bureau. Her work has appeared in many other publications, including the Guardian, the London Review of Books,  the Times Literary Supplement and Grand Street.


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How to be committed without drinking the Kool-Aid—and other things Andy taught me.

Negotiations will rumble on, but the concessions Greece has already won could change the future of the eurozone.

The election was a triumph for anti-austerity politics and a rejection of corruption. Now comes the hard part.

Margaret Thatcher's smiling villainy sparked a generation of dissent—and neoliberal policies that live on today.

This tiny nation has been pushed off a cliff to "save" the eurozone. Reunification may be the only way to turn the island's fortunes around.

The financial crunch has broken the illusion of stability, exposing a deeper crisis of representation.

In less than two years, Athens has changed from a reasonably prosperous capital to a broken city.

The Stranger's Child traces the vanishing of same-sex love through suppression and then, paradoxically, acceptance and openness.

Returning to Athens after three months away, I found the state close to dissolution and people in despair.

The country is facing a convulsion unlike anything since the fall of the dictatorship in 1974.


The Syriza coalition is not just pushing for a better deal—it is saying no to a self-destructive game.
And if so, does the left party inherit a poisoned chalice? Or can it make a fresh start?
A hunger strike touches on the the things all human beings share: the way pain and deprivation are written on the body.
The EU uses its border states as a barrier and prison camp for the frightened, impoverished people it would rather drown than save.
Syriza tables no-confidence motion as Greek government evicts workers from state broadcaster.
The Greek government cracks down at last on the neo-Nazi group, which had become more threatening than useful.
With the murder of rapper Killah P, Golden Dawn has reared its head to snap at those who nurtured it.
Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn sues activist for libel.