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Lizzy Ratner

Lizzy Ratner is a senior editor at The Nation, where she oversees the Cities Rising series. 


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In this uncommon book by Emma Williams, Jean Stein and Ibrahim Quraishi, a donkey tries to cheer Gaza’s traumatized children—by becoming a zebra.

Despite conservatives’ best efforts, Texas students will learn that evolution and global warming are real.

The mayoral hopeful is one of the most high-profile politicians to come out in support of the growing movement for low-wage workers’ rights.

A conversation with the former labor secretary and merry-eyed agitator about the great ill that ails the country.

A new exhibit, The ABC of It, asks grown-up questions about literature for kids.

From the Bronx to Brooklyn, workers at car washes and fast food joints are finding ways to fight for their rights.

Anthony Nahr, a Ghanaian immigrant, died in a garage adjoining a celebrity-filled luxury apartment building in Tribeca.


In this second round, Eric Alterman and Lizzy Ratner respond to arguments for and against BDS.