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Laura Gottesdiener

Laura Gottesdiener is a journalist, social justice activist and author of A Dream Foreclosed: Black America and the Fight for a Place to Call Home, published this month by Zuccotti Park Press. She is an associate editor for Waging Nonviolence, and she has written for Rolling StoneMs. magazine, the Arizona Republic, AlterNet and other publications. She lived and worked in the People’s Kitchen during the occupation of Zuccotti Park.


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Private equity firms are laying the foundation for the next financial crash in the rubble of the last one—and it’s already cost one child her life.

The New York real estate market has become a private equity playground, and the result has been a disaster for tenants and the market alike.

Zapatista strongholds endure in the state of Chiapas, managing their own schools, banks, hospitals, arts collectives and system of government.

This time it’s securities bundled from rentals, rather than mortgages.

The landscape of Wall Street’s creative destruction.