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Lakshmi Chaudhry, a senior editor at Firstpost.com and a Nation contributing writer, is the author, with Robert Scheer and Christopher Scheer, of The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq, published by Akashic Books and Seven Stories Press.


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Exploding the myth of the “two Indias,” the brutal attacks on women have shown that there is only one, where social Darwinism reigns. 

Many Indians believe Obama's victory makes all things possible for people of color--but for all the good will, there is little mention of India's ever-present racism.

We have much to fear from easy evocations of 9/11, but in India, it is a call to the world to recognize their loss.

The Golden State's lesson for Clinton and Obama is that they each need to craft a more daring politics of transcendence.

Two films address US adventures in Afghanistan and Pakistan, with a big dose of historical amnesia, political pandering, moral superiority and outraged innocence.

The cranky, quirky and sometimes progressive politics practiced by a generation once considered slackers could be a deciding factor in this presidential election.

The quinceañera has become a rite of passage for even the poorest Latina teens, another example of our most treasured rites debased at the cash register.

The lovelorn, fragile women the media once revered have given way to skank posses of the skinny, the slutty and the overindulged.

The last book in J.K. Rowling's saga is marked by throwaway references to a post-9/11 world and derivative insights that never add up to a coherent moral vision.

Some of the same feminists who loved Hillary as First Lady are now fiercely opposing her bid for the White House.


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