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Jen Marlowe

Jen Marlowe is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and the author of The Hour of Sunlight: One Palestinian’s Journey from Prisoner to Peacemaker (2011, Nation Books) and Darfur Diaries: Stories of Survival (2006, Nation Books). She is the founder of “donkeysaddleprojects” and is on the board of the Friends of the Jenin Freedom Theatre.


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For the last six years, one Palestinian family has found itself trapped in a cycle of destruction and reconstruction due to the Israeli military.

The US media continue to turn their backs as Bahraini activists stage a revolution. 

“If I knew then what I know now, Troy Davis would not be on death row,” says one of the jurors in his case. Davis is scheduled to die on September 21.

This brilliant activist and film and theater director, recently murdered in Jenin, represented the best of what it means to be Palestinian and to be Jewish.

A Palestinian's odyssey in a Middle East ablaze.

Witnesses whose false testimony sent Troy Davis to death row are now trying to do the right thing. Will Georgia?

Jen Marlowe In Darfur, even the schools are not safe, as I learned following a recent tragedy that cost six children their lives.

Three young men who fled the fighting in South Sudan as children return home to find what's left of their families and do what they can to help.

Dante's circles of hell provide an apt metaphor for the Palestinian experience in Gaza. And it can only get worse.