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Jeffrey Wasserstrom

Jeffrey Wasserstrom, a professor of history at UC, Irvine, is a co-founder of The China Beat (a group blog) and the author, most recently, of the forthcoming China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know.


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China has changed enormously since the 1989 massacre, but the Communist Party continues to deny what happened. Americans, too, continue to misremember a complex event.

China is a country that takes anniversaries seriously. But reaction to significant historical events to be commemorated this year has already taken place.

He'd feel bad that the whole Communist era was airbrushed out of the Olympic spectacle. But he'd probably like the swimming.

How will the Olympics play in the Chinese equivalent of Peoria, among a populace skeptical of the government's intent and eager to tout their own economic clout?

China's response to the earthquake and other calamities of 2008 challenges the West to rethink its prejudices.

Two days in May could mark a turning point in the debates over Olympic boycotts.

Cracking down once again in Tibet, China seeks to control the script on its flawed human rights record, yet still be regarded as a suitable host for the Olympics. Dream on.

In Shanghai, angry, middle-class protesters say a high-speed train will wreck their quality of life. This new form of dissent could be one of the biggest challenges China will face.

From product safety to piracy, human rights and the Olympic Games, isn't it time we started being realistic about the way we treat China?