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Francis Reynolds

Francis Reynolds

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Francis Reynolds is The Nation's Multimedia Editor. Contact him at frank at thenation dot com.


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Is it possible to create an intellectually aware, politically honest image?

All the rhetoric surrounding immigration reform tends to obscure some basic facts.

Should these congresspeople really be making decisions on immigration reform when they've taken so much money from the corporations who stand to gain from stricter enforcement measures?

What can the United States learn from the Soviet Union's collapse?

Will Elizabeth Warren's ability to connect with ordinary people be enough to win her a Massachusetts seat in the Senate?

For a young black student, France was not the refuge it was reputed to be.

What made the Wisconsin protests revolutionary?

How did a newspaper that once represented a progressive alternative to the status quo ultimately come to be firmly identified with the state itself?

The Obama administration's alternatives to large-scale military operations are, in some ways, far more drastic and dangerous for US interests around the globe.


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A federal judge's ruling calls the NYPD's controversial practice unconstitutional and racially discriminatory.
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