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Doug Ireland

Doug Ireland, a longtime Nation contributor who lived in France for a
decade, can be reached through his blog, Direland.


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Northampton, Mass.

Fires and rioting in France are the result of thirty years of
government neglect and the failure of the French political classes to
make any serious effort to integrate Muslim and black populations into
the French economy and culture.

New anti-condom CDC regs give the lie to Bush's election-year rhetoric.

What in the world is Ralph Nader doing with the ultrasectarian
cult-racket formerly known as the New Alliance Party?

At the heart of the matter is a $6 billion factory built in Nigeria by Hallibuton.

The antigay bias that permeates the Republican Party can be clearly seen
in Bush's judicial appointments. Among the unalloyed homophobes Bush has
nominated for the federal bench:

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