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Chloe Maxmin

Chloe Maxmin is a junior at Harvard College concentrating in Social Studies with a secondary in Environmental Science and Public Policy. Chloe founded the Climate Action Club at her high school and galvanized green movement in her school and mid-coast Maine community. Her achievements as a youth activist were recognized both nationally and internationally. She also founded First Here, Then Everywhere (www.firstheretheneverywhere.org). Chloe is on the Editorial Board of The Harvard Crimson and is the coordinator for Divest Harvard.


Hypocrisy at Harvard reigns supreme as students demand divestment. 
Electoral politics is but one tool the grassroots must use to create change.
We are not forsaking our vote, but we see that we must address the fossil fuel industry in order to restore the value and power of our vote.
In high school, I learned that one person and one group of passionate committed individuals can build a powerful movement.
President Faust’s statement only amplifies the moral inconsistency of Harvard’s continued investment in the fossil fuel...
The climate movement often seems like it’s fighting “against something”--against indifference and political gridlock. But...
Divestment is a moral and political strategy to expose the reckless business model of the fossil fuel industry that puts our world at risk.
Never before has an issue involved every single human being on this planet, and never before has the window for action been so short.