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Contact Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler and tell him that we need a free and open Internet.

President Faust’s statement only amplifies the moral inconsistency of Harvard’s continued investment in the fossil fuel companies that are devastating the planet and blocking climate solutions.

The wordplay is the definition. And vice versa.

The FCC is mistaken—and democracy is threatened—when commissioners fail to embrace their authority to protect a free and open Internet. 


Taxpayers are basically moneylenders to a government that is far more interested in subsidizing business than in caring for their workers.

Republican Governor Mary Fallin is defying a state Supreme Court order staying the executions of two men.

What what will it take to make the energy companies relinquish this wealth?

Students put the pressure on Governor Jerry Brown to ban fracking in California.

When workers gain democratic control over their energy futures, they won’t just be trying to cope with climate change, they’ll be overturning entrenched economic structures.


The 50th anniversary celebrations of Johnson’s Great Society agenda should not overlook the travesties of the war. 

If you're like me and think expanding gun rights will actually make society less safe, then this law looks pretty awful.

As the Obama administration increasingly embraces a Cold War mentality in its dealings with Putin's Russa, Nation contributing editor Stephen Cohen asks, where are the dissenting voices?

Mobile phone user in Cuba

Such covert operations are not sanitized by running them through USAID and wrapping them in the rhetoric of “democracy promotion.”

Dollar bill

A brilliant book has named the problem of our time. But will anything change?

Stadium in Brazil

Sports tournaments will pollute air for “the earth’s lungs.”


From education to gun control, progressive movements need to do a better job empowering the people whose interests they claim to serve.

As the semester comes to a close, students are taking direct action against deportations, toxic investments and emergency management.