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Re 'Ten Things Dems Could Do to Win'

Pie in the sky

Geoghegan's article was incredibly naïve and pie-in-the-sky. Neither Obama nor the Democratic Party had the balls to think big like this; witness the healthcare bill that entrenches the lucrative private insurance industry and does little for the base. Neither Obama nor the DP has had any real understanding of the appalling unemployment plus the mortgage mess that helped to destroy the housing market and drive millions of families into miserable debt and bankruptcy. Maybe a handful of eccentrics like Bernie Sanders and Dennis Kucinich have the vision and guts, but who listens to them? So who is going to present and drive through the minefield that is Congress a visionary remaking of America like this?

Emmett J. Murphy

Brandenton, FL

Sep 18 2010 - 5:07pm

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