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Russ Feingold Speaks Out

Who really cares about the Constitution? Not the Supreme Court...

I was shocked when Senator Feingold was defeated; I gave his constituents more credit than that.

Feingold says he never expected the Supreme Court to act as it did in the Citizens United case. That decision was not a surprise to many of us. Once the highest court of the land has stolen a presidential election and installed anyone, much less a frat boy and his handler, the die is cast. As long as the court is controlled by such as Scalia and his pet Uncle Thomas, then we know that naked corporatism is here to stay.

I wish Mr. Feingold all the luck in the world; he, at least, was a real servant of the Constitution and, therefore, served us all.

Edie Buie

Atlanta, GA

Jan 24 2011 - 3:07pm

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