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Maureen Dowd is a disgrace to ‘The New York Times’

I am so disgusted with Maureen Dowd’s crude snark that I was about to write a letter to “Punch” Sulzberger’s son and the Times’s publisher. I’ve known Punch for four decades, and exchanged civil dialogues with him from time to time. Never once have I suggested that a Times columnist, as much as I criticized their content, was worthless enough to shame the Times, and debased the minimal Times standards. Yet Dowd not only sullies prime space, her Sunday columns are often heralded on the front page above all commentators.

But Eric’s most recent column makes this case far more eloquently than I could have. You’ve vented my bile and made my morning!

Michael Pertschuk

Santa Fe, NM

May 8 2014 - 11:43am

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