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Zionist apologist and Israeli propagandist-in-chief

With the overwhelming reader backlash against Eric Alterman, he seems to have taken this on as a personal mission to enrage as many Nation readers as possible. When Alterman replies to Abdeen Jabara’s call for these type of articles to be censored, I think The Nation should go one step further. Either have Alterman admit publicly that he is your periodical’s “Zionist apologist and Israeli propagandist-in-chief” or just fire him outright. None of your readers want to read his writing, as most of us had just ignored his articles in the past anyway. It is ironic that Alterman would claim that he is the only one providing a platform for Max Blumenthal’s book, when if it had not been for his “review” of Blumenthal’s book, Alterman would still be respected by the ignorant. Alterman tries to lay the blame on his editors, and he will not even acknowledge his writing for what it is. It was clearly a review of a book that he started reading with the intention of attacking the author.

Bill Maas

Colorado Springs, CO

Dec 2 2013 - 11:21am