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Too much ‘choice’? Too much freedom?

“The constant obligation to choose leaves people perpetually anxious and, at times, incapable of making up their minds at all”? No persuasive evidence for this claim is given. It’s overblown psychological dodokaka—at best.

Would Rosenfeld prefer her choices be made for her by someone else?

Most of the people I know who’ve lived in the US find the scope of choice in many domains there one of its advantages.

Look, collectivism is a necessity for managing global warming, and for planning community services like health and fire prevention. But as seventy awful years of the USSR showed, it’s dead in the water as a general approach to social organization.

First Cohen, now Rosenfeld. Will The Nation never tire of arguing for Soviet-style collectivism?

Peter Brawley

McComb, MS

Jun 10 2014 - 11:32pm

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