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A corporation is a capital investment, an inhuman despotism without a conscience. And the purpose of a workers' union is to create decency and order out of unbridled profit, and democracy out of a brain-power dictatorship. For democracy is "equal access to power," equality for all, and this is what a workers union is all about.

China is the most perfect form of capitalism the world has ever known. An investor's paradise, for it has not one union to protect workers, millions of migrants hungry for income and for food, and a slave mentality that turns workers into robots. For communism and capitalism are identical in the way they flow power and profit upward toward a small ruling elite.

If Wal-Mart were to give its workers the same healthcare it gives to managers, it would reduce capital growth by billions each year. And even a dime an hour raise for workers would reduce Wal-Mart working capital by millions and millions. A state of war, surely, and what workers are up against when they do battle with the world's most profitable retailer.

The tax dollars we spend on war is money down a black hole, as it is nonproductive spending. For the same amount spent on things that improve the economy would supply us with healthcare for all, free education for all, interest-free home mortgages for all, and a society so productive and profitable that every mother could be a fulltime homemaker.

"We need to be competitive": this is the reason Wal-Mart gives for destroying equality by giving workers $9 an hour, while managers receive income and bonuses worth $10,000 an hour. A slave-labor concept that has no place in a democracy, a doomed-existence mentality that claims the poor must always be poor so that the rich may always have wealth, profit and growth. For it is diametrically opposed to the fundamental principle of all law, be it civil, criminal or moral: "No one shall enrich themselves upon the misery of another."

If our government was honest, there would no need for unions, for the minimum wage would now be over $20 an hour, CEO salary would be under a million and no corporation in America could get away with shipping jobs overseas. For over thirty years, half of the wealth generated in the global economy has been hoarded by multinational corporations based in America, and instead of the Treasury giving them bailout trillions, they should be pumping their excessive wealth back into our economy.

Having worked for the most enslaving corporations, like 3M Co, AT&T, American Motors and Honeywell Corp; and having belonged to the biggest unions--such as the Teamsters, AFL-CIO, United Auto Workers and United Steel Workers--comes now some insight as to why unions in America now have less than 20 percent of the workers they had in 1950.

(1) Union dues should always be voluntary. (2) One day on the job or thirty years, the income and vacation time should always be equal. (3) Skilled tradesmen or floor sweeper, the pay should always be equal. (4) No pensions for those retired, as workers need all the cash they can get. (5) Union leaders paid no more than the workers, and selected from those with the least seniority.

John Ellis

Clanton, AL

Jul 4 2009 - 3:16pm