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I saw War, Inc., and I think it does everything Scahill wrote about in his article. My only problem--and it isn't with the movie, which I thought was great and perfect timing as well--is that I feel movies like this tend to sensationalize the message. When you take something like war and put it on a screen, it becomes normal, it almost becomes nothing more than, well, just another movie. Now, I do realize that the people who get it will get it; it's the ones who don't that I am talking about here. They see something like this, about the truth of what is happening via American imperialism and militarism, and they learn to accept it as if it isn't really happening, it's just more entertainment. So basically it ends up being one of those "preaching to the choir" type jobs. Those who are in the know, well, they get it already and of course will totally eat up a movie like this. Then there are always a few people who didn't know before and might get a proverbial smack in the head and wake up to the realities of what they are seeing. And then there are the rest of those walking dead for whom the whole point of the movie just swooshes right over their thick skulls.

Well, as long as a few people wake up to the truth, then it was worth it all. One of the highlights for me personally about this movie was the tanks, as described by Mr. Scahill, with the NASCAR-like logos on them. The reason is that I myself (before ever even hearing of War, Inc.) had done some graphic manipulation of some images of tanks, placing corporate logos on them and dubbing them "corporate-sponsored" war machines, which you can see on my blog. Now go watch War, Inc. I myself now hearing about it plan to watch the other movie Scahill mentioned in his article, Grace is Gone.


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Dec 9 2008 - 6:35pm