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"It's time to take our country back." Duh. It's a little late for slogans and laundry lists of what we have to do; we have had eight long years to implement the electronic voting machines with a verifiable paper trail, but the silence is deafening, as if not talking about it will make it not true.

With a very close race (which in itself is unbelievable given the damage the GOP has done), why on earth would the GOP not use that planned Diebold loophole when push comes to shove?

After all that work in acquiring all that abuse of power, the GOP is not just going to sit back and say, "Yes, let the Dems have their country back." This is how our empire will fall, and the Democratic sheeple on their way to the slaughter with the help of Pelosi (specifically) are totally to blame. There are times I believe that all this nightmare, including an impending collapse of the dollar, has been planned, just like the civil war in Iraq was planned, and is intended to create some diabolical new world order.

stanley hersh

New York , NY

Aug 30 2008 - 9:49am

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