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I just wanted to write how happy I am to have joined up with Code Pink early on on the antiwar activities. I do one-woman Code Pink actions in Oklahoma. Code Pink's support gave me courage to walk around Muskogee Oklahoma (with pink outfit, hat included) sign in hand protesting the fact that the local paper did not cover the Downing Street Memos--many such one-woman actions have taken place. I have studied the teachings of Gandhi and I am willing to accept that my nonviolent actions may make others take action against a single woman out there on her own. I am not afraid. I have found people are very friendly, smile, wave, honk their horns. I consider myself the Town Crier.

Jean Mcmahon

Fort Gibson , OK

Sep 16 2007 - 12:30pm

Web Letter

Thank you for the wonderful article about CodePink. It is about time that someone recognized these amazing women for the job they are doing. They have sacrificed so much to be at the forefront of the Peace movement. They woke up the country.

Rebecca C. Halfhill

Scottdale, PA

Sep 16 2007 - 11:51am

Web Letter

Thank you, Nicholas von Hoffman, for saying what needs to be said. Somehow or another the basic nature of patriotism has been bastardized so that it seems synonymous with meek acceptance of the actions of our government rather than informed, impassioned support of the Constitution and values of truth and justice.

The founders and framers of this nation were loud and often obnoxious. The women and men who launched the experiment in self-government that became the United States of America were not meek. The British often decried their lack of manners and civilized comportment.

This is no time for parlor games. We can remain Sunshine Patriots and watch while everything we stand for is trampled by the people sworn to lead us, or we can stand up and make a a difference.

These are the times that try our souls. Thomas Paine must be twirling in his grave.

Camille Landry

Oklahoma City, OK

Sep 16 2007 - 10:27am

Web Letter

I'm an X-treme Activist. You are the absolute bomb, Nicholas! Thank you for a great article about this new generation of political activists. Enraged and amazed at this Administration's "wag the dog" magician's tricks and blatant disregard for this country's civil rights and opinions, the CODEPINK women of America and their supporters realize that we must do whatever is necessary to wake up the American citizenry and move them to action.

There are many organizations working together to stop this war in many different ways. But I don't know of any that compares to CODEPINK in their diligence and perseverance to get national attention daily on this topic. Hundreds of women from around the country have traveled to DC to stay at the CODEPINK house and participate in the daily CODEPINK actions on Congress. Using creative, dramatic and colorful props, these women try to gain media attention to what our government is doing and attempt to sway members of Congress to yield to the public's opinion on this war.

We may be vividly rambunctious and loudly obnoxious to our opponents, but we are continually thanked by members of Congress, the DC police, the service workers and the white-collar admins who agree with us and want the killing to stop. They understand that we are committed to peace and thus will never do anything to hurt another citizen, damage property or create destructive chaos. Which is why I resent the "terrorist" label that many of the conservatives and even President Bush has tried to pin on us. It is totally unwarranted and a ridiculous notion.

So though I thank you for the new label sir, X-politician, it is not a label I would readily apply to myself. I am not a politician, I am an activist. Move-on organizers might not mind it, but I suspect that Reverend Yearwood and Cindy Sheehan would prefer X-treme Activist as well, which I will proudly hail while wearing my eponymously colored T-shirt with my end-the-killing slogans and the day's death count (3781 today) on them. Peace,

Deidra Lynch

Orlando, FL

Sep 16 2007 - 9:47am

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