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Trumka sound good! I have been a member of the Teamsters and the Service Employees unions. As I like the hard-nosed approach of industrial unions, I preferred the Teamsters. The Mine Workers are pretty hard-nosed too. He might be able to work with Howard Dean, as he had a bottom-up approach to politics.

I think unions need to think in terms of organizing the American people. Since Washington is unlikely to pass a single-payer health plan, unions might provide one along with a union membership. Working with local volunteer organizations, unions may help fill in the gaps in social services. Advocate, educate, and create a support base for intelligent policies.

Since the purpose of "free trade" and globalization" is to drive down wages, replace permanent jobs with contract labor, and take away national social safety nets, you will have to support a return to tariffs, behind which we can rebuild our industrial base and the jobs they support.

Since 70 percent of the American market is dependent on consumer spending created by well-paying jobs, the market is collapsing without those jobs. Wall Street is too stupid to realize they need industries and the American worker to support that market. The edifice of "free trade" is collapsing, and unions can help rebuild this country.

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Aug 18 2009 - 1:47pm