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Why does Mr. Joel Kaiser, director of DMEOP policy, not identify the features of a new medical device that helps prevent diabetic amputations, tradename Ulcer Healing Orthosis(r)? He is violating national Coverage Decision 70.2.1 and the Diabetic Therapeutic Shoe Bill. I have received no help from my Congress member Judy Biggert or any other official from Illinois, including President Obama. No oversight, no appeals process, and they stopped videoing the public meeting at Medicae HCPCS public meetings--I wonder why? Over 150,000 amputations per year, 10,000,000 diabetics. E-mail the White House and tell them you know about Mr. Joel Kaiser. Let the "change we can believe in" start there.

john rooney

Lombard, IL

Aug 10 2009 - 2:38pm