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Katha, it's interesting how you continue stumping for the Freedom From Religion Foundation, yet never encourage your readers to donate to an organization with a religious affiliation.

Has it ever occurred to you that some people of religious faith might be genuine political progressives? Are you ready to expunge people like William Lloyd Garrison, Mother Jones, Martin Luther King, Dorothy Day and Cesar Chavez from the history of American progressivism? It's wrong, I think, to stereotype all of us out here--including myself--who share your views on a wide range of political topics as yahoos just because we pursue a life of communal religious faith.

Thus, I would like to ask that you consider making a donation--and ask your readers to do the same in your "Get Out Those Checkbooks" column next year--to Interfaith Worker Justice, an ecumenical advocacy group for a wide variety of workers' rights issues. They even offer fellowships to young religious leaders, training them how to organize workers! Check out their website.

Steve Knight

New York, NY

Dec 27 2009 - 9:16pm

Web Letter

Yabut, Katha Pollitt left out any mention of support for the starving and freezing Palestinian women and little girls in the Gaza concentration camp.

Katha is a perceptive lefty, feminist and liberal? There are thousands of suffering Palestinian ladies and little girls in the Gaza concentration camp suffering no end from the vicious blockade by the cultured Israelis. Keeping it very feminist, we can easily forget the shivering Muslim men and little boys.

Katha's unbridled feminism forgot and foreclosed tens of thousands of suffering females in the Gaza concentration camp, who could use a roof over their heads, a hot lunch, soap, drinking water, electricity, a stale cracker or a plastic partridge in an olive tree.

You can learn much more about a professed and passionate anybody by what they leave out than what they say.

gerald spezio

Santa Margarita, CA

Dec 20 2009 - 8:58am

Web Letter

"Economists agree: Christmas presents are a waste of money. Give to these worthy charities instead."

What is it with this woman and Christianity anyway? She never misses an opportunity to make dismissive, snide, or other kinds of revealing comments--sometimes clearly bigoted, and frequently more indirect, as here.

So, one--presumably Jewish--economist becomes "economists." I've never heard of Waldfogel, nor do I know any people, of any faith, who celebrate Christmas who feel this way--and why is it that it's only "Christmas" giving that's an issue for you, Ms. Pollitt?

The 'Ten Things" list today (conceived by Walter Mosley) has such a different feel, (as does his writing, when it appears), and makes me want to read on.

Unfortunately, once you spot them, Pollitt's couple of agendas--making sure the world knows she's a "feminist," and trashing all things "Christian"--couldn't be more clear.

novelle saarinen

San Francisco, CA

Dec 18 2009 - 11:58am

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