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Another suggestion, for those who have space: clotheslines! Clothes driers are expensive to run, noisy, fire risks, and they wear clothes out unnecessarily fast. Drying clothes outdoors in summer leaves them smelling wonderful. Drying them indoors in winter humidifies the house.

Mary Hopkins

Everett, MA

Mar 4 2010 - 5:32pm

Web Letter

I agree with most of the solutions, but one thing that is obviously missing is air travel. Most of the recommendations will do very little, if anything to curb carbon emissions. How about:

 1. reduction in air travel
 2. reforestation
 3. more green plants, (grass, shrubs, weeds etc.)
 4. reduce military use of fuels
 5. different sources of energy for manufacturing (e.g., low-yield tidal, nuclear)
 6. point-to-point highways, straight line
 7. high-speed electric trains
 8. national building codes for new building
 9. natural gas for automobiles
10. high-speed commuter bus lanes...?

james l. pinette

Caribou, ME

Feb 27 2010 - 11:33am

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