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Chávez conducts himself with dignity and provides an example for leaders of other countries. His opposition operates on the basis of humiliating themselves, and for some reason misconstrues this to be endearing. As for Chávez. he's resilient, toppling a CIA-inspired coup and a recall election, all the while maintaining his dignity, which can probably be traced back to his African heritage, for Nelson Mandela is likely the most dignified prominent person in the world.

This election defeat actually allows Chávez to display his dignity, while his opposition gloats by demeaning itself publicly and without shame. In fact, his opposition operates with blatant racism, which proves how disgusting they are. They consider the brown majority of Venezuelans to be their slaves. Chávez has principles and Venezuela could serve as a model for our own leadership, but their arrogance won't acknowledge any greatness than their own self-professed greatness even if it's fifty years in the future or in their invisible heaven-bound hallucinations and delusion.

Ken Lusk

Clayton , GA

Dec 9 2007 - 10:39am

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