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Ed Meese's claim to fame was prosecuting the Berkeley free speech students while he was with Alameda County and it enamored him to Reagoon, whose 1966 platform for California Governor was to chide the students who protested the Vietnam war and advocated free speech for the University of California. What happened with these two goons in office should not be surprising.

Congress still has the power of the purse and I suspect the framers of the Constitution intended that with this power at Congress's disposal, when war is being conducted that is not in the best interest of the country, Congress would stop funding the war. Bush and the Republicans by holding American troops in Iraq as hostages to their policies are in effect blackmailing Congress to continue this failure in Iraq, as they threaten that reprisals for the Democrats' disobedience will be directed at the troops. This had already been done when Bush vetoed legislation that contained provision for better body armor and better armored vehicles.

In addition there are the DLC Democrats, including Hillary, who are really the Republican Party branch of the Democratic Party. This accounts for why the Democrats don't trumpet Bush's criminal acts of holding American troops hostage and threatening reprisals against the troops for disobedience to King George by the Democrats. This is part of the plan by the Republicans to implement a soviet-fascist type government for the USA.

Ken Lusk

Clayton, GA

Sep 22 2007 - 3:37pm

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