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I am very concerned about the possibility of Rahm Emanuel becoming president-elect Obama's Chief of Staff. Besides the reasons given by John Nichols, there are others as well. Mr.Emanuel is deeply involved with Israel, as his father was born there and was a member of the Stern gang during the formation of Israel, and Rahm has gone there several times on work projects, etc. It would be difficult to approach the problems of the Middle East objectively with his influence, especially in decisions of dealing with Iran, given Mr. Emanuel's history of support of the Iraq war and his close ties with Israel.

The Chief of Staff is influential in making many decisions regarding access to the president by representatives from at home and abroad, which could strongly influence policy decisions.

He was reported to be extremely rude to various representatives from peace organizations when they wished to speak with him and to have ordered them to leave. I am frankly surprised at this choice, and I hope that this does not indicate undue influence from Bill Clinton in Obama's choices and decisions. Hopefully, Emanuel will turn down the offer.

Pearl Volkov

Sun City Center, FL

Nov 6 2008 - 5:43am

Web Letter

Obama is being presented with a fait accompli.

Been tracking this story today. It first appeared in a November 5 New York Times article by Jeff Zeleny and Peter Baker. Was then propagated by ABC, which is owned by youknowwho. Then it was blogged on HuffingtonPost, Raw Story et al.

Later on Charlie Rose, Jake Tapper, promoted today to ABC senior White House correspondent, re-emphasized that Rahm Emanuel was reportedly agonizing over the decision. Ha! Really?

All this reveals how uneasy AIPAC is about Obama and how much it wants to put its man in the White House to control Obama.

If Obama capitulates, it would represent no break from the past, no change, which would mock the Obama campaign watchword.

All together now: Brother, can you spare some change?

rafiq kathwari

New York, NY

Nov 6 2008 - 2:01am

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Rahm Emmanual is a disastrous pick. This man represents the democratic version of the neocons who were partly responsible for the Bush meltdown. He is an Israeli citizen who faught with the Israeli army and promises to maintain that disastrous unconditional support for a country that has been practicing some of the longest reigning policies of national genocide of any country. Obama, how could you break your pledge? After my evening of euphoria I feel despair.

Mark David

Columbus, OH

Nov 6 2008 - 1:09am

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I second the motion! I don't want to see any DLC types at the White House. Obama will fail, big time, if he continues with "free trade" policies. I did not vote for Obama because of his attachment to "free trade," but, the hopes and dreams of the people of the world are riding on his Administration, so I don't want him fail. I guess he, along with the EU leaders, will crash and burn like Bush. I do not understand this fascination with imitating failure.

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Nov 5 2008 - 6:26pm

Web Letter

This would not be good news and would not represent change of any kind. These DLC "Democrats" are nothing more than Rethugnican lites and Rahm Emanuel is part of the problem. In 2006 he refused to support many candidates supported by the netroots and instead wasted money on a bunch of losers. However, the MSM credited him with the change in the House after the 2006 elections.

He is also too close to the very Wall Street thugs and Friedmanites that crashed the system through deregulation and crony capitalism.

I have one thing to say to Obama about Emanuel. Don't do it--he's toxic and radioactive.

If I wanted a Republican running the White House, I could have voted for McSame.

David Gregory

Marion, AR

Nov 5 2008 - 4:09pm