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While I agree with some of Dr. Foner's essay, I take issue with what seems to me to be an overly generous view of Obama's actions. I would submit that Obama has not been so hot on civil liberties--rendition and Guantánamo continue and the drone activity over Pakistan could easily be characterized as a war crime. Additionally, Obama's refusal to examine Bush-era crimes seems to me a reflection of political cowardice. It is no wonder that Democrats are in danger of losing the MA election. There are a lot of red flags that Obama and company apparently intend to ignore until they lose control of Congress in November. This is not caution but betrayal.

(Having read this, Dr. Foner may be glad that he was on leave the year when I thought I'd work with him at Columbia, in 1973. I greatly admire his usual writing.)

Mim Jackson

Ganado, AZ

Jan 15 2010 - 7:35pm