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After the invited and deserved demise of the USSR--courtesy of the grand US-led Western strategy and material support, coupled with most pivotal role courageously carried out by Pakistan, and the enormous sacrifices of the Afghans--the USA has become the single, sole superpower of the world, politically speaking. Thus, the acts and deeds of the White House occupant not only directly affect the American people but billions other beyond their shores.

The havoc wreaked--particularly on the Middle East for several years by "soon-to-sink-behind-history's-bushes" Bush, son of Bush, besides assaulting, assailing and torching America's sssets (be it its economy, its political power or even its priceless planetary prestige)--needs obviously no further description.

Hence, not only Americans are overwhelmingly optimistic about Obama, certainly taking into full view the state of affairs and pinning positive hopes in him, but billions others the world over are equally dominantly and rightly cheerful and confident about him. The following few lines will perhaps relate, reflect and reveal their minds and sentiments. The presidential inaugural to this humble scribe, as one of those non-American billions, means:

A really rare historic day to persistently pledge and practically commence utmost effective and efficient execution and implementation of the most merited and warranted appropriate, unimpeachable and concrete change in all the pernicious and consequential top-priority affairs and issues of our planet, yet without any prejudice and preconception.

All the sincere sterling wishes for rare accomplishments to Barack Obama and his dynamic talented team, specially its star leader Hillary Clinton, in overcoming the challenges in generations awaiting them and their great endeavors for the world peace, progress and prosperity of all mankind ! They must bear in mind they should do as great things and as gracefully as befits their present rare global superpower stature and standing.

Abdul Qayyum Khan

Islamabad, PAKISTAN

Jan 20 2009 - 7:17am

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