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I have read/reviewed many interpretations about what in essence was offensive to some about the Post's "stimulus ape." I would like to add it was not the racist undertones and the depiction of violence that first grabbed my attention (although I have considered these now), it was the continual display of anthropocentrism in our culture that depicts other animals on the planet (yes, we are an animal) in the adversarial role. This seems to me especially egregious in the case of chimpanzees since we are so similar genetically, culturally, and in behavior.

The different viewpoints expressed regarding this one cartoon shows how diverse in experience and opinion we all are, and thus how important it is to practice mindfulness in everything one does or says in order to foster peace and harmony. And if offense is made, even if not intended, it is best to listen, reflect, learn, and extend an apology.

Stephanie H. Corkran

San Diego, CA

Feb 28 2009 - 4:55pm

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