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One Year Later, Haiti Hasn't 'Built Back Better'

I dare you

Why do NGOs get such a bad rep in Haiti? Doesn't the high number of organizations operating there tell us something about the state of affairs within the Haitian government? There aren't 12,000 NGOs in Sweden.

It would appear that the only alternative would be complacency, leaving Haiti to take care of itself. Does anybody really think that is a justified approach to solving the issue at hand, or even good idea?

Understandably, NGOs fail in Haiti. They fail on a number of levels—they cannot find support within Haiti, they don't speak Kreyol, they drive cars with tinted windows through their communities, their projects fail to create any long-term change.

However, I cannot help but think that it's too easy to criticize their organizations. Any sort of rebuilding is going to take decades. Haiti has a unique 200-year history whose course cannot be altered in one calendar year. Generations prove change.

While the need to help is now, the results will come later.

If you don't believe me, believe these guys. I dare you to come down to Haiti and see what good is being done. http://vimeo.com/16661397

Timothy Douglas

Mirebalais, HAITI

Jan 13 2011 - 8:30pm

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