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As I watch the Dem convention, how is it possible that those who are supposed to help elect Obama are doing a fine job of helping elect John McCain?

I have seen nor heard nothing to date that is positive in the way of working on his behalf. Is it possible that the Clintons are setting up the next four years for McCain, knowing that his miserable policies will afford him one term and then the Clintons are back? Where are the voices of the speakers in support of Obama, as opposed to securing their positions in winning an election for themselves? This country is in its darkest days; we are about to go broke with the spending of capital and treasure to a point that we may lose all that we have gained. Our problems have been put foward by the most reckless administration in history, McCain will not do better. Why does Obama not see how many times he has been thrown under the bus by those who are supposed to help elect him? God help this country.

ed festa

Fort Myers , FL

Aug 27 2008 - 9:42am