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Obama: You're Your Only Hope

Wishing doesn't make it so!

Seventy percent of the American economy was supported by the jobs and industries that have been outsourced overseas. No jobs, no industries, and no economy! Less than a mile from my house, there are railroad tracks going east from the port of Los Angeles. I see trainloads of goods from China going east every day. I wonder who is going to buy these goods if they don't have a job. Who is going to buy durable goods like houses, cars and appliances without a job? How many of those durable goods can the wealthy 1 percent buy?

We are fast reaching the point where you can't spin a depression into a recession. Western economies are in shambles, and China will take a hit because they have bought into “free trade” to support their economy. They built a very modern new port near Beijing. It may turn into a monument to pipe dreams, similar to the empty stadium that South Africa built for the World Cup. There is going to be massive unemployment in those industries that support trade. The irony is, that if they had invested in an independent internal market, they would have seen growth and prosperity. It worked for us in the past, and it would have worked for them!

There is no difference between the Democrat and the Republicans on economic issues. They are both responsible for this depression in America. If we had kept our independent national economy, we would not have shared in the collapse of globalization. Nobody wants to fix the Democratic Party, so I will vote for the Green Party in 2012.

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Jun 13 2011 - 6:50pm

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