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There are some people you can work with and other people you will have to destroy. The neoconservatives and the Bush Administration are people you have to destroy in debate. You have to destroy them with the truth.

For example, the Bush Administration is attempting to concentrate political power in the hands of the executive branch for the benefit of economic elites, and it is therefore accurate to call the Administration Corporate Fascist. When you talk about the lowest form of life, you cannot pull any punches.

They will routinely stab you in the back, and go to church on Sunday so they can pretend to be moral. You get in their face, and tell the truth. Even if you can't touch them physically, you might give them a heart attack. Bullies don't like to be attacked!

Pervis J. Casey

Riverside, CA

Mar 31 2008 - 4:45pm

Web Letter


A great column.

The only quibble is with the ending, in which Cockburn seems to back away from Obama's sins or at least to make them seem cosmetic.

Is Obama the best of this bad lot? Probably. Certainly better than McCain.

Is Obama a good guy? Will he do the right things, in terms of foreign or domestic policy? There's no reason to expect him to, based on everything Cockburn points out, as well as everything on his web page.

His policy on the Middle East promises to continue the promotion of genocide against Palestinians. His policies on the domestic affairs of the US promise to bring mostly the status quo.

He is not the beacon of hope. He is the harbinger of modestly improved times over the status quo.

Randall Cooper

Turin, Italy

Mar 28 2008 - 11:34am

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