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Making Unions Matter Again

Re your interesting suggestion that banks should take the loss...

Tell me, Ms. McAlevey, do you also believe that the banks should get the gain when the value of homes go up? I was really glad when the Wall Street Journal linked to your article. It was an eye-opener to see just how radical community organizers are. Of course, with each day in office, President Obama is making that more and more clear. We Americans don't think of ourselves as "workers." That kind of thinking is more at home in Russia. You might want to consider moving there.

Michelle Dufay

McLean, VA

Dec 19 2010 - 10:41am

Making Unions Matter Again

Leaders need to fight the corporate agenda

To put workers and unions in the same sentence would appear to some to be an oxymoron.The reality is that unions seem to be the only ones fighting for working families. Having said that, we as the leaders of our unions are not doing enough to engage the workers and educate them on the issues that are affecting workers. Instead, as was so clearly stated in this article, we are more interested in passing labor laws and electing "labor-friendly" candidates that only give a crap about labor come election time.

It is a shame that public sector employees are under attack by the very people they give endorsements, money and time to. I too have volunteered my time for candidates who have made empty promises. I walked precincts for Obama because he was a supporter of EFCA; I supported Bennet because he was a supporter of the Dream Act—here are we on these issues today? I can only say we are not any closer than we were when the promises were made. A good politicain would argue that they didn't like the language, or it wasn't worded right. These are the same politicians whose "word" we took as gospel. Simply stated, until we change how we as leaders represent our workers and stand up to government and the corporate agenda, we will continue to get what we deserve.

Christine Alonzo

Denver, CO

Dec 9 2010 - 12:07am