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Thoroughly enjoyed this piece. Naomi shows once again that rare talent for ideas and semantic constructions that attract and fascinate the mind.

We the faithful need something more concrete: a single-paged flyer that lists maybe five of the most important policy areas, and the clearest criticism of how Obama has violated the mandate we gave him in the 2008 election.

Do you understand what I'm saying? Give me a cheat sheet, with the most important points that we all need to repeat endlessly. I don't want to make up the words and issues by the seat of the pants, saying it differently everytime. Let's get more systematic.

Todd Boyle

Kirkland, WA

Apr 18 2009 - 2:18pm

Web Letter

We didn't have a revolution, we just elected a new president.

W.H. Wiist

Flagstaff, AZ

Apr 18 2009 - 4:53am

Web Letter

Like many pols, perhaps even most (but not Kucinich), Obama came down with Stockholm Sydrome long before he was captured. Early in his career, he sought out wealthy captors, with the pitch--fully justified--that "I am the most disarming and attractive candidate you can buy."

And being an honest pol, once bought, he has stayed bought.

R.H. Weber

Brooklyn, NY

Apr 17 2009 - 8:05am

Web Letter

I never did believe Obama was the Messiah or a rock star and quite frankly could not understand what all the fuss was about. The facts are we are still waiting for the major programs discussed during the debates: healthcare, green economy, infrastructure, an end to the Iraq War, and a promise to take care of Main Street, not Wall Street.

Where is the single-payer healthcare system we were clamoring for? There was so much dialogue during the debates from the democratic candidates promising universal health care for all Americans. Where is the new healthcare program?

Last year my wife had no health insurance and this year my wife has no health insurance. What has changed? Nothing has changed.

I am outside looking at my rooftop and there are still no solar panels on my roof and there is no wind generator in the yard. Looking around the neighborhood, I see nothing has changed for the neighbors either. Where is the green economy we have heard so much about? Where are the electric cars? Why are we still buying oil and burning coal?

The lake is down and the dam is still ready to burst at any minute. Where is the infrastructure program?

During the debates John Edwards would promise to pull the troops out of Iraq on day one of his presidency and immediately Obama would respond with his claim that he had been against the war before the troops had even been sent over to Iraq. We should have voted for John Edwards. Not only are we still in Iraq for the next couple years, we are now invading Pakistan, Afghanistan, and who knows where next? Obama is spending more money on defense, military operations and wars, than Bush did. We were duped.

I hear news reports and have read articles about Obama borrowing billions from the Fed to invest in Wall Street with little to show for it. I don’t see anything happening on Main Street in my town. The stepson is still wandering around somewhere jobless with no prospects. My bank account looks exactly like it did last year.

Obama spoke eloquently about re-regulating the banks and not pursuing the failed free-market economic policies of the Bush administration. Now I am hearing Obama say how much he believes in the free-market economy. Obama has to choose one or the other, because the two are mutually exclusive. Either we are going to protect consumers from a few greedy capitalists or not.

Gary Amstutz

Lake Isabella, CA

Apr 16 2009 - 10:25pm

Web Letter

Thank you, Naomi Klein. Tonight I have heard that if you commit a crime like torturing, it's OK if the boss says it's OK. We are not going to prosecute torture, because we are still being threatened by terrorism, according to our heroic president. And he is forward-looking, really? This is where I bail on the messiah. This is not the man I voted for. That my country will allow this crime to go unpunished, I'm ashamed. How does an apparently intelligent man allow himself to be seduced by criminals that encouraged unimaginable cruelty to other human beings? How did insane people like Frank Gaffney convince an apparently stable person like our president to acquiesce to such cruelty, and ignore and even worse, forgive the crime?

James L. Pinette

Caribou, ME

Apr 16 2009 - 6:33pm

Web Letter

Hope is just a four-letter word. Forget hope--channel anger and outrage towards turning Obama around... or voting him out of office.

Let's look at the facts: Obama continues to let Geithner and Summers loot the treasury of trillions of dollars. Obama continues to step on habeas corpus. Obama refuses to investigate the Bush administration's high crimes and misdemeanors...

Hope is dead and gone. It's time to demand accountability and justice from Obama.

Michael McKinlay

Hercules, CA

Apr 16 2009 - 6:06pm

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