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When in the history of our great nation has being a CEO and getting millions in bonus checks been a more important and demanding job than that of the President of the United States? What's his pay? Looks to me like they ddn't do their jobs anyway, now, did they? I, for one, am tired of all the CEOs' bonus packages and perks they are continually receiving at the expense of the American taxpayers. Stand up, America and voice your opinion and say no more bonuses to failing Wall Street executives, or employees for that matter, when taxpayers are bailing you rich idiots out!

Thanks to one smart judge, maybe they won't get the expected bonuses. If they do, America is watching and waiting!

Take their livelihoods away like they have taken so many Americans' livelihoods and see what they do or how they feel--but definitely listen to them whine.

Where is the government in all of this bonus mess, the president? Stop this action now!

Paula J. White

Canton, MO

Aug 15 2009 - 11:15am

Web Letter

Yesterday, in an attempt to encourage investors, it was announced that "productivity" was "up." Productivity is economist-speak for employers' saving on labor cost by shedding jobs and getting "slimmer" for a recovery that is just around the corner. However, when you shed jobs, you are also shedding the American market. Seventy percent of the American market is supported by the disposable income that those jobs have historically produced. No jobs, no American market, and no recovery.

Wall Street doesn't have a clue about the real economy on Main Street. They are still playing the same old game of "bubble " economics. Because they do not pay attention to the real economy, the bubble is bursting. The bonuses are their "golden parachutes." Investors are going to lose their rear end, and the destruction of wealth will be mind-blowing.

I am rather curious to see if the Chinese are smart enough to go for internal development instead of foreign trade. Their internal market could give them economic stability and continued growth.

Pervis James Casey

Riverside, CA

Aug 12 2009 - 12:52pm