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George McGovern does a good role-playing job in questioning and interrogating George W. Bush of being above the US Constitution, much like Keith Olbermann in his special comments on MSNBC's Countdown.

Unfortunately, our President doesn't have very good logic and reason when executing military action against an unprevoking nation. If only he would think more than he prayed, then he would gain more respect. What the President also doesn't understand is inductive reasoning, where if a task is performed and fails, staying the course on it will always fail again and again.

Thanks for proposing these tough and fair questions for Bush and Cheney, Mr. McGovern!

Nick Rosen

Great Falls, VA

Dec 27 2007 - 8:44pm

Web Letter

Dear Senator

I enjoyed your article in the LA Times,"Get it Straight, Mr.Cheny." How interesting that it be published on the same page as an article entitled "All hail the clueless American," which accused all of us as being attentive not to the facts of our times but the popular polls which may or may not represent the truth.

Your article referred to Mr.Cheny accusing the Democratic Party today of reverting to the views of your party in 1972 and warning that in doing so will raise taxes.

Just for the record I am not "clueless," and as for the Democrats raising taxes I would like to point out the very special tax increase that the present Administration has levied on the senior citizens/social security recipients.

While we have been distracted by the Iraq war and the other incompetencies and indiscretions of this Administration it has continued its assault on social security. The latest assault comes in the form of a tax increase for seniors.

Preparation of my tax return revealed that the deduction for the medicare premiums which are taken from our Social Security checks has been taken away. I am not a CPA but it is clear that a removal or reduction in a tax deduction equals a tax increase. This tax increase is clearly aimed at senior citzens/Social Security recipients, a section of the population least likely to be able to afford it.

I have written to or e-mailed my senators, governor, representatives, even the representatives of other states (they too have seniors whom they should be representing), and so far I have received no response to our being targeted with this tax.

Perhaps they should be reminded that seniors are a significant sector of the voting population and we are paying attention.

Desparately seeking representation.

Paul Ray Hamilton

Oak Park , CA

Apr 24 2007 - 1:23pm

Web Letter

I have yet to read such a cogent appraisal of the situation in which this president has embroiled us. I do hope that George McGovern lives to be a 100 so he can continue to be our moral compass--as he has always been, in my opinion.

William Dempster

Rockford, IL

Feb 22 2007 - 4:25pm

Web Letter

It is great to see this voice of reason from the not-too-distant past brining up the questions that his successors should have been asking from day one.

What a disastrous mess of things this president and his handlers have created!

P. Merino

Astoria, New York

Feb 21 2007 - 3:49pm

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