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Mr. Chomsky,

Your arguments are well stated. A problem, however, is to get these facts of recent history even discussed in the popular media. Apparently, you are considered to radical to receive much publicity. However, there should be others (like the Nation's publisher)who can at the least get such facts and conclusions debated. Is the will of the majority losing influence in our elections and public policies generally?

There is a NPR show called "On the Media" that could be a start. However, a real meaningful national debate could be had about "What does democracy mean in today's society?" and "Are we losing it?" I just wish our country was as democratic as most us believe.

Jim Morley

James Morley

Chicago, Illinois

Apr 9 2007 - 10:07am

Web Letter

Dear Mr. Chomski,

You assign a far too honorable motive to the Chimpy McWar gang.

What Bush wants is to get involved in enough wars so as to divest the US of all of her native troops, so when he declares martial law, he can bring in "foreign peace-keeping troops", such as Mr. Gingritch suggested over 10 years ago.

He knows that it won't take too much more outrage to send people to the streets, which will be all he needs to declare martial law in the name of "national security."

Larry E. Lyle

Cleveland, Ohio

Apr 7 2007 - 11:40pm

Web Letter

Si este articulo hubiera incluido los temas de la industria militar y el de la teoria de la guerra como motor de la economia imperialista hubiera tenido posiblidades de ofrecer mejores soluciones teoricas y practicas.

De que manera el desencadenamiento de una Tercera Guerra Mundial responderia a las condiciones actuales del desarrollo del capitalismo? Esa seria una pregunta que habria que abordar.

Lo anterior no quiere decir que lo discutido en el articulo no sea importante. La guerra como institucion social esta, o tiene que estar, afectada por la opinion publica. Sin embargo, ir al fondo del problema es crucial.

Gustavo Gutierrez

Ames, Iowa, USA

Apr 6 2007 - 2:50pm

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