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I am not a celebrity of the American left; however, I'm in the process of writing a book about my experiences as a liberal in a rural, red state.

Red State Blues: Thoughts of a Meat-eating, Church-going Liberal is still in its early stages, but I was wondering how a first-time author would go about getting published?

Who are the agents and publishers one should contact?

I have years of writing experience as a communications/marketing professional, and I earned the respect of many local Democratic leaders when I ran for state legislature last year (it was a seat the state party didn't even plan to contend, and I got more votes than expected, but lost).

But I'm new to the world of book publishing.

I think my book would be of interest to millions of Red State liberals who often feel left out by a movement that seems largely dominated by the East and West coasts.

How should an aspiring liberal writer get started?

Chris Rahe

Bourbon, IN

Nov 7 2007 - 12:01pm