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If Michael Steele wants to appeal to black voters, perhaps he should stop kissing some fat white boys' butts on national television. I know this may sound like a totally racist comment, please forgive me, it takes a little longer for some of us to get over the years of Darwinian Bell Curve BS that makes middle-aged white girls like Bachman think all black people say "Da" and not the more grammatically correct "The." Mr. Steele and the Republican Party should also know that all young people, especially all young black people, aren't mindless hip-hop-loving sycophants getting funky or down with people who have so little knowledge of who we are.

Carolyn Davis

Memphis, TN

Mar 5 2009 - 4:30pm

Web Letter

Michael Steele, Michelle Backman, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Joe the frickin' whatever he is, Fox, John McCain, Joe Lieberman, 97 percent of the entire GOP... just sickening. Michael Steele is supposed to "be da Man," eh? Head of the RNC, eh?

No, Steele is just a flunky talking spongehead party ploy directed to stand there and try to be black and hip huh Michelle Miss terrorist/communist neo Backman?

The GOP is an embarrassment to this country. My friends around the world look at the GOP as completely out of touch with the world. The party insults the intelligence of decent people across this land and around the world. Any group that wishes our president to fail is also wishing for the hard-working people of America and the world to fail.

The atrocities committed under the GOP's watch warrant thorough prosecution of all participants, including the bankers and car CEOs. This party's continued insulting rhetoric and ploys will result in the disintegration of a party long deserving of distinction and dismantling. They underestimate the anger, the pain and sorrow they have caused around the world from their greed and un-vetted war mongering. President Obama and the good people of this country will bring it back to prosperity. We all know it will take time and are trying our best to cope and trust. The GOP needs to understand that good-thinking Americans are not spongeheaded carbon-based units following worn-out methods that don’t work anymore.

Hey Steele, and Backman, how about this for being... hip or down? Steele, you just got punked and outed by a fat rich oxycontin-addicted Viagra-smuggling racist. LOL. You should be ashamed of yourself. Apologizing like a ho to a pimp and the GOP, RNC or whatever the #@%^$&$# alien group of beings you are should be ashamed of your actions for decades and your so-called leadership.

Ronald D. Kent

Olympia, WA

Mar 5 2009 - 3:28am

Web Letter

I watched the CPAC convention on C-Span, and we have some really bad problems. There is something seriously wrong with the Republican party. Chairman Steele doesn't appear ready to lead a cub scout troop, let alone the Republican Party. My wife was asking when Rush was going to yell out "You cwazy wabbit!" When he quoted the Constitution incorrectly and the crowd all yelled in approval, I changed the channel and my wife kept repeating, What did he just say?

I'm 70 years old, and I've always felt that it really didn't matter who we actually voted for, in the long run both parties did their best to move the country forward. I would have followed Bill Buckley into battle, but this crowd needs a brain transplant. I was a fan of George Wills until this week's Stephanapoulos show when he sat silently by and let Rove spout revisionist junk. What is going on? I still love my two senators Snow and Collins. Can we still afford the luxury of obstructionism?

James L Pinette

Caribou, ME

Mar 3 2009 - 7:33pm

Web Letter

To all the young people out there, those already old enough to vote and those who will be in the next election: do not be fooled by "them" trying to get your vote by being "hip-hop"--they are still the same party, even if they wear a different hat. And that goes for both, the Republicans as well as the Democrats (outside of a small percentage, which I can literallty count on one hand).

If you are looking for the true alternative, real change in this country, then I would suggest third parties. That's where the action is. And if you are looking hip-hop politics Cynthia McKinney's vice-presidential running mate in this past election was hip-hopper Rosa Clemente. For the future of this country and the future of young voters, I say go third. Third Party, that is.

Let us bring about some real change we can believe in, in this country. But do not get fooled by the Republicans talking in slang. Because it is just a game to them and one being used to fool the fool who falls for it.

Thanks for listening and good luck. Visit my blog.


North Hollywood, CA

Mar 3 2009 - 6:38pm

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