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Alexander Cockburn refuses to miss any opportunity to slander the 9/11 Truth Movement. While addressing Greenspan's role in the very real global conspiracy to create an economy "exceptional" for oligarchs by a race to the bottom, Cockburn should've heeded his own warning to Castro of not giving in to conspiracism. But Cockburn has clearly decided to hand his powers of reason over to the state-sponsored variety of 9/11 conspiracism.

Instead of an entire paragraph on some childish theory regarding Flight 77, Cockburn could have opened the space for real thought by appropriately mentioning some history, such as Operation Northwoods, a very real plan put to JFK by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to use CIA-directed, false-flag terror in instigating a confrontation with Cuba.

He could have also directed people to look for themselves at Norman Mineta's excluded testimony, pointing to time-line discrepancies for Cheney on 9/11 and an anomalous set of orders confirmed right before the Pentagon got hit.

Or he could have directed people to the site for Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and its analysis of the evidence for controlled demolitions.

If there is no "there there," then his reader's inherent intelligence could easily suss that out.

But Mr. Cockburn, being that you still don't understand the word "conspiracy," and continue to push the same drivel about 9/11 as your buddy Bush, almost six years after he warned the world to "never tolerate outrageous conspiracy theories," I have a fresh, new slander to replace your stale, Orwellian use of the psy-op term "conspiracy theory." Try it on and see if it fits your body of beliefs. You and your ilk peddle "incompetence theories," or more to the point, incompetent theories.

Jeremy William Rothe-Kushel

Los Angeles, CA

Oct 10 2007 - 9:33pm

Web Letter

Dear Cockburn, I see you are continuing your tirade against those trying to find out the truth of 9/11. You, of course, have all the answers, and anyone who disagrees with you is a "conspiracy theorist." I can't wait until this is exposed and you have to eat crow for defending the Bush Administration's fairy tale the public has been fed. Fidel didn't get the wrong conspiracy, he just got another one. He too knows that the Fed will raise interest rates when unemployment gets too low, as stated by Greenspan. Please try to write something that's not drivel.

Mark Harkrader

Urbana, IL

Sep 28 2007 - 3:24am

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